The double edge safety razor, a brief history:

The double edged razor came into popularity in the early 1900’s. Also known as “safety razors”, double-edge razors are comprised of a single razor blade with two sharp sides on each end of the razor handle.
A guard protects one’s facial skin from all but the edge of the razor, as opposed to a straight razor, which has no guard, hence the name “safety razor”.
Once the standard, the double-edge safety blade has been largely replaced by the “easier-to-use” multi-blade razors. However, there are some advantages to Double-Edged old school razors:
Why Use a Double-Edge Razor?
  • Affordability: Replacement blades are more affordable than current multi-blade razors and the thinking is that their two sides extend each unit’s lifespan.
  • Better Access: In many cases, the blade’s slimmer design enables improved access and removal of hair in tough-to-reach areas like under the nose and neck crevices.
  • Closeness: Many feel these blades provide a closer and smoother shave than multi-blade counterparts.
How To Shave With A Double-Edge Razor?
First, rinse your face with moderate to hot water . This is necessary to compress the skin. The hot temperature of the water will open your pores and soften the stubbles on your face.
Work up a good lather with shaving cream. Don’t be afraid to be thorough in doing so, the more the better.
Double edges should gently glide across the face, and even with light pressure, will adeptly remove stubborn stubble.
Double edge razors should move across the beard area at an angle of approximately 30 degrees. Shaving should commence slowly and carefully with short, light strokes in the direction of hair growth. Another important thing to keep in mind when shaving with the double edge is to be soft- handed.  Obviously no slicing or side-to-side motion!
Stretch The Skin: More so than with multi-blade cartridges, double edge razors do their best work on skin that is held taut. So, when taking passes on the cheeks or neck, use that free hand to stretch these areas. In doing so, you will insure a smooth comfortable shave without irritating your skin.
Remember practice makes perfect. If you follow these rudimentary steps you will be shaving like a pro in no time.
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