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Is your Hair Beach body Ready? (MENS Summer Survival Guide)

Is your Hair Beach body Ready? (MENS Summer Survival Guide) read and find out the Pro Tips from a Celebrity Barber.

What haircut is the best this summer? This summer is all about the undercut- Think maroon 5s front man Adam Levine, and Brad Pitt from Inglorious Basterds. It’s about that edgy, rockstar vibe. Clients want to feel Hip & Masculine. Whether their in the boardroom or the bedroom. It’s about having that vibe. It’s a haircut that really easily translates from work to play too. From tailored professional to edgy  rocker it fits all molds. Often times your hair and your haircut speak before you do. It’s the first impression. So this summer we see a lot of Men really diggin on that cool vibe. 

How often should you get a cut? Typically you should aim to get a haircut every 3-6 weeks depending on how quickly your own hair grows. Everybody is different but A lot of clients want to keep looking sharp longer and usually get a shape up in btwn haircuts every 1 1/2 weeks to make sure their haircut is looking fresh. It also maintains the integrity of the original haircut a lot better that way. Fresh is best. 

What are you top beard/facial trimming tips?I love to tell ppl. That the key to mainting a well groomed beard / facial hair is upkeep. Ppl automatically think beards are easy, and it’s actually the opposite. It’s really not. In order to get that Viking bad ass look you see everywhere. Takes a lot of work. For you and your barber. It’s a collaboration. We trim it tight at the shop and your job is to do the upkeep. That means trim the beard hair daily to maintain the outlines under the chin and neck. Sides of face etc. use good grooming products. Beard oils kick ass. Invest in a good one 

What products and moisturizer do you recommend and why?Well as luck would have it. We here are at Barber’s Blueprint have our own product line coming out this fall. After 20 plus years in the Men’s grooming industry. We learned a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t and packaged that up along with really clean pure ingredients into a really cool hip product for your hair and beard & with the theme of staying hip all our products are Infused with CBD of the highest purest form that is available on the market. As well as being organic and environmentally substantial because we care about the planet. So we’re pretty psyched because it’s revolutionary hair care. Our CBD hair  pomade and CBD beard oil is unbelievable for hair. I mean talk about a product that will become a real staple in a Mans grooming routine. So be on the look out for that this fall- pre orders will be available exclusivly on our website & each product is Artisan crafted and hand poured. It’s a beautiful thing. Barber’s Blueprint Artisan CBD pomade and Artisan CBD oil.  As far as what we recommend try to find products that are made with jojoba seed and shea butter because those are so moisturizing and good for the hair and beard. As for the moisturizer If you want to be fancy raid your girlfriends product drawer lol they got some good stuff in there, but in all seriously Kiehl’s has some great moisturizers that are not too heavy and leave your skin feeling fresh. #1 rule. Sunscreen boys and girls. Not just for the summer but winter too. Winter sun can be brutal, we have a client who climbed Everest and got wickedly burnt. And even though you may not be climbing Everest but the concrete jungle instead or the work office. The sun in the winter can still be pretty harsh & with this Summer heat Moisture & sunscreen year round. Super fluid by Kiehls is pretty good one for that. Little barber tip from a barber dad. Swipe your kids sunscreen. Their UVA UVB protected and usually super clean and not heavy for the skin becuz their made for babies. So if you have acne prone skin. There’s a tip that will change your game. Remember you and whoever you choose as your barber are in a hair relationship together. It’s true. It’s a collaborative effort. Choose wisely and have fun.