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Top 5 Back to School Hairstyles to match your Kids Personality & Rock the New School Year

#1.- The Hipster *THE UNDERCUT*

A disconnected haircut with contrast of long hair in the front while buzzed short on the sides.

#2.-Class President *MAD MEN HAIRCUT*

A comb over with a hard part representing a twist on a Classic look. 

#3.- The Athlete *CREWCUT* 

A Short modern Buzz cut with an etched design on the side.

#4.- The Prankster *FAUX HAWK*

 Relatively short sides while longer on top.  Styled to a point in the middle. 

#5.- The Rebel *POMPADOUR*

Hair swept & rolled upwards that’s worn high over the forehead in a James Dean fashion.

***Barber’s Blueprint wishes all the NYC families a very Happy Back to School and don’t forget to stop by B.B. to send you off back in Style.